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Results and classifications

Our program conforms with our Examinations and ​Grades Policy and Procedures.

These regulations set out the rules by which we determine module results and award classifications for the Postgraduate Diploma & Certificate awards 

All elements and sub-elements are marked according to the Academy’s postgraduate grade based assessment scheme (GBA).

At completion of the PGDip/PGCert (and normally at the completion of each postgraduate stage), a student will be given a stage result. This is derived by averaging (with appropriate weighting as necessary) the grades of the modules that comprise that student’s level or award.

The following classifications apply to the PGDip and PGCert awards:

  • Distinction

  • Merit

  • Pass​

The classification is based upon the module results for all modules contributing to the award. Consideration of a student’s final award takes place after the student has completed all modules comprising the course.

The PGDip/PGCert award is calculated on the basis of all of the credits contributing to the award

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