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Procedure, implications and costs

If you decide to withdraw from your course this must be made in writing to

Withdrawals commence on the date that your written notification is received.  Withdrawals can not be made retrospectively.

If you withdraw from the course your grades and all work submitted will be deleted from our systems.  You will not be able to carry your grades or any submitted work forwards to any further cohorts of the course.  You will no longer have access to Canvas or any of the online teaching materials.  If you chose to start the course again in the future you would need to do so at the start of that cohort and would be liable for the full tution fees of that cohort.

Once you have withdrawn from the course you are not able to rejoin the cohort.

Upon withdrawal the following fees are applicable:

- Withdrawing during the first 10 weeks of the course:  50% of the full year's fee

- Withdrawing after the first 10 weeks of the course:  100% of the full year's fee

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